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Name:Vesca Howell -- Count D
Both Vesca and Count D are part of the AU of [info]impulseofwinter, and therefore diverge from canon during the tenth volume of Petshop of Horrors. A more detailed description of the AU can be found here.

Petshop of Horrors belongs to Matsuri Akino, Bill Nighy and Zhang Ziyi to themselves. This is a role-playing journals, from which no profit is being made, and both muses and mun are (well) over eighteen.






Vesca Howell.
Over twenty years ago, Vesca Howell witnessed the death of a god and subsequent birth of his only child, Aeron Howell.

In the years following, Vesca did all in his power to keep the child safe; he mixed truth with lies to insure Aeron's hatred of her 'mother's' family, instilling in her at an early age both fear of himself and her own potential. He allowed her to undergo government testing in return for her safety from the same, and gave her medications designed to keep her weakened and incapable of manifesting any inhuman powers she might have inherited.

But now in his sixth decade of life, Vesca is witnessing his work begin to unravel at the hands of the very daughter he intended to protect. At the same time, the aging F.B.I. agent is facing the reality of his mortality; weakened by age, his body is no longer as capable a cage for the soul of the Count.

Count D.
Over twenty years ago, a mistake made in rage nearly cost a god his immortality.

Following the release of his soul from his body, what was left of the second Count D lashed out at his former lover in a moment of furious jealousy. His intent was to hurt Vesca Howell, end his life in violence as punishment for daring to lay claim to a god. Instead he was trapped, forced to watch from Vesca's eyes as the tainted child grew to adulthood in ignorance.

Recently, the bonds tying the Count to his mortal cage have begun to loosen, allowing him to manifest, briefly and with a price, outside of Vesca. Its a liberty he intends to take full advantage of now that his last completed experiment has finally come of age.
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